Utility Rate Analysis

Make Your Rate Plan Work for You

The way each consumer uses energy is unique, and the rates at which an account is billed for its consumption should reflect this individuality. Being invoiced by the utility company or third-party supplier at an incorrect rate class can result in thousands of dollars being overcharged each month. If not evaluated and reconciled immediately, it may be difficult to recover that money from the vendor. Our Utility Billing Experts understand each utility rate class and can perform a no-cost Utility Rate Analysis in any utility zone.

Often times, end-users are placed on the utility’s default service class, based on location and general requirements, simply for ease of invoicing. Clients often do not realize there are multiple tariffs available within a given utility zone for which they may choose to purchase their energy requirements.

The Process is Simple…


Submit a recent utility and supply invoice with supporting contract for evaluation


JMI obtains historical consumption from your host utility company


JMI’s Analysts model the customer’s consumption under alternative rate schedules to compare costs between current and alternative rate schedules


JMI consults with customers to discuss flexibility in operations to achieve savings under current or alternative rate schedule (staggered start up, operating during off-peak hours, individualized manufacturing programs, demand response programs, etc.)


JMI works with the utility company (with proper customer authorization) to move customers into appropriate rate tariffs, if beneficial

You may only have one choice for a billing rate, but through more informed decision making around how and when you choose to operate, you can minimize how much you spend on energy each month.

What’s Next?

Speak with one of our Analysts today about optimizing your facility or exploring alternative rate tariffs within your utility.