Budget Forecasting & Performance Reporting

Running the Numbers – Budget Forecasting & Performance Reporting

Our Budget Forecasting and Performance Reporting services provide clients with analysts who have years of experience providing support and eliminating variances in annual budgeting. Our reporting services are fully customized to meet the requirements of each of our clients to ensure they have the information they need when they need it. Each client is needs unique information, and our solutions provide customized support for current and future market conditions and consumption patterns.

It is often hard to come by transparency in evaluating the performance of a procurement contract – overstating savings, comparing savings only to the previous contracts instead of current market conditions, and deliberate oversight of the performance of energy contracts are extremely common in the industry. The performance of a contract over time is a critical component in choosing any energy partner. At JMI, we are 100% client focused – and as such, we deliver on our recommendations through consistent performance reporting to our clients.

What’s Next? 

Share with us what information you need to make informed budget decisions, and let us go to work on developing a custom solution for you!