Powering the Future, Today.

JMI Consultants, LLC (JMI) was founded in February 2019 by three market veterans with extensive experience in the deregulated energy industry, including direct experience with many organizations in the Fortune 500. JMI’s Principal Officers have accumulated 35+ years of industry experience between them and strive to assist customers in navigating the complexities of the energy industry. Over the years, its Principal Officers have assisted some of the largest energy users in North America.

Our Story

Real People, Real Power

Through their experience, JMI’s Principal Officers have established relationships with countless energy providers and have learned the many nuances between them. It is through this experience that JMI’s founders decided to launch an organization to continually assist customers in navigating the industry. JMI works with a multitude of energy providers and is constantly seeking to expand our service offerings through continued and new provider relationships. JMI has quickly become a top-tier partner with dozens of retail suppliers and continues to be recognized as one of the fastest growing consultants in the industry.