Utility Bill Management

The Power of Straightforward – Streamlined Processing and Payment

JMI’s complete Utility Bill Management solution is designed to work alongside your accounts payable department for a cohesive processing and payment operation. Our solution utilizes digital bill processing and payment to ensure bills are coded correctly and applied to the correct cost center. In turn,  the streamlined process reduces time spent manually coding and reconciling monthly utility invoices. Payments are delivered securely, on-time, and without the headache of delivering multiple checks or online payments month in and month out. The Utility Bill Management solution can be custom fit to your accounting department’s particular needs and existing infrastructure.

Don’t Sweat the Late Fees

Late fees can account for hundreds of thousands of dollars in budget issues for an organization. Paying a fee for simply forgetting to drop a check in the mail is a waste of your organization’s resources. If a bill goes unpaid for long enough, you can be paid a visit by a rep from your local utility company demanding immediate payment or your utility service will be disconnected.

When you partner with JMI, late fees and service interruptions are nearly unheard of, as our Missing Billing Team initiates an investigation with the utility providers directly when a bill goes unreceived. This gives you the peace of mind you need to operate your business and not worry if you forgot to drop a check in the mail or not.

Ditch the File Cabinets with Online User Access

As utility bills come each month, you pay them and file them away. Should the need arise to have a historical invoice or bill insert immediately, sifting through a filing cabinet of old utility invoices can be the last thing you want to do.

Our Utility Bill Management solution puts the data you need at your fingertips. Each bill received is uploaded into a secure, cloud-based platform where users can download, examine and export any information received through the service. Automatic triggers and reports can also be input into the system to deliver reports on a recurring basis and notify users that new data has been received. Should the need arise for an ad hoc report to be prepared, the system has the capability of delivering any data in a raw format. You are equipped with the tools you need to prepare any reports around cost, consumption or any other KPI collected on the invoices accurately and efficiently.

What’s Next?

Contact one of our Utility Bill Management Specialists today to find out more about streamlining a solution to fit you!