Utility Bill Auditing

Button Up Your Bill

Utility Bill Auditing is an analysis of your electric and natural gas invoices that can identify billing errors from your utility or retail supplier. Our team examines our Clients’ invoices to ensure they never get mistakenly slapped with extra fees, incorrect consumption readings, or other common mischarges.

Be Sure About Your Bill

Our Audit Process


Our process is simple – submit 12 to 24 months of utility billing, along with proper utility authorization forms and any applicable supply contracts, and our Utility Bill Auditing Team does the rest. Should our team find a discrepancy on your invoice copy, our Dispute Resolution Specialists go to work on your behalf to obtain a full refund for the disputed amount. Further, our team works directly with the utility companies and suppliers to confirm that the billing errors have been corrected and will not continue in the future.

Even if our team does not find errors on your billing, you’ll still gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you haven’t overpaid for services – All without paying any fees to JMI unless we find a discrepancy and successfully get you a refund for the mischarges.


What’s Next?

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